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Dr. Jeremy Warner

Founder of Warner Institute & Director of Face The Future Foundation


Jeremy Warner, MD FACS is a private practice physician on the North Shore of Chicago. Dr. Warner is double board certified by both the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. He is the President of the Warner Aesthetic and Reconstructive Institute, Clinical Associate Professor, University of Chicago, and the Director of the Face the Future Foundation. As Mission Director of the Foundation, Dr. Warner leads a team of fellow high caliber doctors and nurses each January to Kirtipur Hospital in Kathmandu, Nepal to donate their time and expertise to patients suffering facial trauma and congenital facial deformities who otherwise would not receive their skilled care. In addition to providing direct reconstructive surgery, the Face the Future team shares valuable knowledge with their Nepalese colleagues by teaching them techniques that will help them achieve success with their patients. Dr. Warner finds this mission very rewarding as he is able to utilize his training to help change the lives of people in developing countries who otherwise would have no other options.



Mary Robinson, Founder, Emergency PPE Collection Drive 
Soon after the United States’ lockdown in March, 2020 due to the Global Pandemic, Mary Robinson, an exemplary volunteer herself in multiple causes, put out an emergency request for the public to donate or make masks and caps for front line medical workers. Several of her immediate family members who are on the front lines in the ER and other medical facilities and were facing shortages of their professional N95 masks. The hand-made masks and caps extended the lives of their more protective gear. The Volunteer Center learned about her request and publicized the need throughout the North Shore and the response was swift and productive. Large numbers of people and service groups dropped their contributions in bins set up in all the New Trier Township police stations for over 10 months. Mary delivered the PPE to a growing number of facilities that would continue to surface. Every single carefully sewn donation or purchased mask was gratefully utilized.

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Mary Robinson & Tom Nguyen

PPE Mask & Cap Program

Tom Nguyen – Prolific PPE Production

Numerous contributors included thousands of masks made by Pam and Rob Tichy and their sons from Glencoe, Facebook mask making groups, scout troops, full family coordinated efforts and solo seamstresses. Local Winnetka resident Judy Meikel connected us to the extremely talented and prolific PPE creator Tom Nguyen. Tom worked on his own, then soon mobilized a group of 8 of his friends from his Quan Am Tu Vietnamese Temple who worked diligently month after month to create over 12,000 masks and caps that looked like they came off a professional dressmaker factory. Tom and his friends were able to contribute to Mary Robinson’s program and multiple other nonprofits and churches in underserved communities in Chicago. He was always eager to make more caps and masks so that the most vulnerable of us was protected. Tom is currently helping elderly members of his Temple arrange appointments for the vaccine and takes them to their appointments. He also has a foundation called RightStart4Kids, and at the moment is focusing philanthropic efforts on cancer treatment, cataract and heart surgeries for people in need in Vietnam. 

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Annice Moses

Imagine Englewood If...


Glencoe resident Annice Moses and her family have been volunteers and supporters of the non-profit organization Imagine Englewood If... for over 20 years. IEi was founded in 1997 to strengthen families and empower youth in the Greater Englewood community - a community that has been negatively affected by disinvestment for decades. Englewood residents were already suffering through the COVID – 19 crisis when civil unrest and looting created a temporary closing of the few local grocery and convenience stores in the surrounding area. Annice learned through the IEi Executive Director Michelle Rashad, that families were in crisis, unable to secure immediate access to food, hygiene essentials, household supplies and baby items. Reaching out to North Shore residents for help, Annice was inundated with an incredible and immediate response that resulted in a massive amount of donated goods, monetary donations and hands on support. Annice - along with MANY big hearted and dedicated volunteers - made countless deliveries directly to the Englewood neighborhood. Over 100 North Shore donor families and volunteers answered the call to action by Englewood leaders and provided a significant portion of relief to 833 families in need. Annice was awed by the incredible response and impact that was made through a coordinated effort of communities, compassion, generosity and a shared sense of collective humanity.



BinaryHeart is a student-led club at New Trier High School. BinaryHeart’s objective and operations center around collecting donations of broken or used electronic devices, repairing and refurbishing them as donations to help our less-resourced peers. Their hope is to empower learners with access to technology and make education a reality for more students in our nearby communities - to bridge the digital divide for all. Ultimately, they aim to have a positive impact on the lives of others.


BinaryHeart Club

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